Meet the Members

Here you will find a few interview style testimonials with some of our members.


Meet Emily



We first met Emily in December 2017 as when you read on you’ll see just how nervous  she was. Since joining us (she has now left us for Uni but will be back) we have seen  Emily transform in more ways than 1. So many people associate weight loss and physical changes, which Emily achieved with massive success but it’s the mental side of change that can have the real lasting affect on people.

Read on to hear Emily’s story…..


CFB- Hi Emily, you’ve been with us nearly 2 years now. Fitness/exercise wise, what where you doing before you joined CrossFit Braintree and what made you choose us over another exercise program/facility?

EF- Before I started CrossFit, I was going to the local gym in Halstead, where I struggled to be motivated, and find equipment I actually liked to use in a commercial gym.


CFB- Walking into our gym for the first time can be quite daunting for a lot of people, did you feel this way and how did you feel after your first session?

EF- I definitely was worried about going in, it was close to Christmas time and I wasn’t 100% which door it was so I made my Dad take me and open the door, where he proceeded to open it usher me inside and then left, to force me out of my comfort zone. So I had a free taster session on a Saturday morning with just Gav, I came a bit early because I knew I had to sign some forms so was able to see the class before ending, the atmosphere was something that I had never experienced before, even though I wasn’t taking part, but I shall touch on that later. So, Gav was very friendly and worked well with me to analyse my positions to make sure I was comfortable in my movements and that my technique was safe, even in basic movements like an air squat. It gave me a good insight into what sort of things we would be doing and gave me the confidence to join the foundation course…….. where I didn’t need my Dad to take me.


CFB- People can get put off and um & er about doing our Foundation Course. What would you say to someone thinking about doing the course and what did you get from it?

EF- So, literally the only thing I would say is… WHY WOULDN’T YOU DO IT? It’s a chance for you to come and test whether you like the style, the atmosphere, the coaching etc etc, it’s worth the money and time to experience something new, get moving and learn the different aspects of fitness that is involved in CrossFit! Once I had done my taster, I didn’t even hesitate, I instantly signed up for the foundation course (but was upset because I had to wait till after Christmas!) Once the course had ended, I was excited to start the ‘’normal classes’’ but also a little bit nervous, but as soon as I arrived I was made to feel welcome and everyone was helping each other, its just so friendly.


CFB- You were fairly quiet in the early days but you’ve have certainly come out of your shell since. Are you naturally a quiet person?

EF- Before I started CrossFit I was very nervous and a quiet person (believe it or not, lol), this was due to being home-schooled due to illness since the age of 12. I became a bit socially inept, but now you can’t shut me up if I am honest. I get told to shut up now because I am always laughing or being too loud in the box when the coaches are talking,  (they love it really).


CFB- Since joining us we have seen a massive change in you physically and that is obviously for everyone to see. We’ve have seen this change be consistent over the last 18+ months, what would you say the key to this transformation has been?

EF- Regardless of diet, I think CrossFit will change your body for the better (I know people will argue with that, especially athletes who bang on about nutrition being key), especially if you go from doing nothing to doing the classes. Obviously If you can incorporate a reasonably healthy lifestyle, then you will make progress. For me personally I have been using the coaching made available at CrossFit Braintree to help with my nutrition. Coming from a science background I knew I wouldn’t need a lot of help but just steering on the right track in order to create a nice meal plan, calorie deficit and to be honest someone to just pester me to stay on track, also helping with plateaus because they SUCK! Since working with the Coaches outside of the regular classes, I have lost 17 ½ inches total across my body and 1 stone and 7lbs steadily, each week. I am still managing to lose now I am at uni as I have skills that the Coaches have taught me. So, I would say the key for CrossFit, is work out why ‘YOU’ are going… Just YOU! It’s not important if Billy the goat has an 8 pack of abs and is doing strict ring muscle ups with just his pinky finger, it’s all about why you are there and once you work that out, then you can make a plan into making it happen.


CFB- There are lots of stories out there about how CrossFit has helped people in all aspects of life, not just physical. Has CrossFit had an impact on your life outside of the gym?

EF- So, I suffer with long term medical conditions chronic pain, and have been on countless medications and drug trials over the past 7 years, but nothing works. However, CrossFit for me is the perfect medicine, it distracts me from symptoms and the pain and reduces it if you want to interpret it that way. As cliché as it sounds, its what works for me, which at the end of the day is what is important. I also struggled for a long time with my confidence due to being socially awkward, so I would struggle to walk into rooms by myself without my parent or generally just wouldn’t go outside. But since starting CrossFit I have become a confident little shit. Like I said I am noisy and always being told to be quiet because I just enjoy being at the box, this now carries over to my everyday life I am just generally in a happier place, what more could I ask for. CrossFit has given me a healthy lifestyle and a shit tone of friends.


CFB- Now you have done CrossFit for nearly 2 years, what movements would be in your favorite workout?

EF- Olympic lifting, skipping and some sort of gymnastics progression e.g. beat swings, knee raises or banded pull ups.


CFB- Our members range from 17 – 60+, everyone works out with everyone. How would you explain the atmosphere in the gym? EF- Its amazing, why would I want to be anywhere else. I am 20 years old but have a friend range who I go out with from 17-60, it doesn’t matter your age, movement ability, the coaches will sort it out for you, in a way that will get you moving the way you can.


CFB- Unfortunately you are leaving us to go to University (which is awesome for you and we wish you all the best). Will you continue to CrossFit in when you are at Uni?

EF- Absolutely, I said to my Mum I would eat 40p microwave rice if it meant I could afford CrossFit at the end of the day. As I am typing this I actually just returned from my first taster class at the new box, which was bloody enjoyable! (But not my CrossFit Braintree pals).


CFB- Everyone who train at CrossFit Braintree becomes part of the community and you have made some good friends in your time here. So, obviously we are all going to miss you when you go and you’ve promised to come in for a workout when you are back home during holidays. Have you got any final words?

EF- When I come back at Christmas I expect you all to out lift me and I miss you all already.




CFB- We wish you all the best Emily and from all of the Coaches and members at CrossFit Braintree, we’re gonna miss you and look forward to working out with you again soon.