Personal Training

Personal Training At CrossFit Braintree


Personal Training is a great way to start your fitness journey or to help you achieve the results you might not be getting with your current regime.


People use our Personal Training for all number of reasons, from just getting a basic level of fitness, using Personal Training sessions to get involved in CrossFit without jumping into a group class, improve areas of their CrossFit game, to lose weight, gain muscle and any number of other reasons.

These sessions are individually tailored to your goals. Along with our Training Programs we can also provide nutritional programs to compliment and accelerate your results.

Our Coaches

We have male and female Coaches and all of our Coaches are qualified Personal Trainers and a minimum CrossFit Level 1 Coach. We have early morning to late evening sessions available.




These are some of the Personal Training Programs we offer:

GPP (General Physical Preparedness)

This is a general strength and fitness program designed for those new to proper strength and fitness training. The program will build up your base strength and fitness, improve your core strength while giving you a great deal of knowledge on the movements used.

Body Composition Change

This basically means to change the way you look, whether that be to lose weight or to gain muscle. Our Trainers are experienced in functional training and we take this knowledge into our Body Composition Programs. This approach keeps the session fun, engaging and varied which we find works so much better than the standard and old fashioned way of “bodybuilding”. Like all our programs these sessions are tailored to you and your specific goals. Along with a Nutritional Program you can get great results and enjoy working out.

Personal CrossFit Training

This program is for people new to CrossFit or experience athletes. We program this course to suit your goals, whether it’s getting a hang of the basics before you feel confident enough to get on a regular class or if you are training to compete in a competition and wish to push on to the next level. All aspects of CrossFit are covered.

Olympic Weightlifting

This again is for people completely new to Olympic weightlifting or those wishing to step to the next level. Using the Olympic lifts, Snatch, Clean & Jerk, the program is completely tailored to your goals and level. We include all relevant exercises in this program to aid in your Olympic Weightlifting journey.


Power Lifting

Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press are the 3 Power Lifting movements. These are the big strengths lifts where you train to be a strong as you can be. Like all our programs they this can be adapted to new and experienced lifters.




Our Personal Training Programs start from as little as £30 per session (based on a 2 person session when booking a block on 10, sessions usually last 1 hour)

To find out more about our Trainers, to book a free consultation or to book a Personal Training session get in email us at: or call Gav on 07970395424.