Foundation Course Testimonials


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Mum of 2 Lisa joined our Foundation Course in September after taking advantage of one of our Free taster sessions. Here’s what she thought of the course and her continued adventure into CrossFit.

A combination of an approaching birthday taking me into my “late forties” and a visit to the doctors complaining of a shortness of breath and increased heartbeat; only to be told “I’d lost my base fitness” I knew it was time for action.

I didn’t want to join a health club with a dull gym and formulaic, monotonous classes.  A chance conversation with a friend of a friend  – preaching the physical benefits and camaraderie of #Crossfit, I discovered my local Crossfit Gym “Box” in Braintree.

It starts with a nine-session induction; don’t think this is going to be easy, it isn’t. You learn some of the basic moves, all scaled to suit your ability. For someone like me who’s only ever done body pump in a very large class (and hid at the back) finds a lot of it completely alien, and to baffle me further; learning the beginnings of a whole new language. I find myself being pushed way out of my comfort zone in every session and yet only too happy to do so because of the expertise of the Coaches who really do practice what they preach, and really know their stuff, making me feel completely safe.

In just a few weeks I have lost inches across my body, already feel my heart health increasing, I am discovering things about myself I didn’t know, and best of all – joined a great, fun and talented team of people who only want you to succeed.

Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can……
Since joining, Lisa has become a fantastic member of the community and has improved in all aspects of her CrossFit journey so far.


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Paula joined us in September 2016 after being talked into it by her brother Keith who is a member. Paula was already competing in the sport of Kettlebells and wanted to start CrossFit to help her improve in her sport.

“Having spent many years doing various kinds of training I decided I would like to give crossfit a go and went along to the beginners classes. I was a little apprehensive but there was no need as everyone was very welcoming . The first part of each session was spent learning basics like squats and push ups and how to use various pieces of equipment like wall balls, slam balls, kettlebells, olympic bar. The final 15 mins of a session is a metcon which is more cardio based and gives you an idea of what a regular session would be like. There is a lot to learn but the coaches are great, really friendly and were quick to give me an alternative option when I found myself struggling. All in all I really enjoyed the sessions which are varied and fun and I cannot wait to get stuck in to the regular classes”.



George came to us after being recommended by a friend of his who is a member. George is a quick learner and all round awesome guy. Coming from Greece, Georges biggest challenge is working out in the cold!!!

My experience with the crossfit beginners class

It is a good way to get into crossfit, specially after a long looong break of no exercise, or if you never did exercise.
After seeing videos of crossfit online my fear with crossfit was that, the sessions looked so intense that they would burn me out. This has not been the case, I started with 2 days a week and along with the help of the coaches who are there to guide you through the sessions I am improving with the techniques and movements.

The coaches are there to help you, give you advice on how to try and make your technique as good as possible, so ask them any question, they were always happy to help you out.
During the foundation course I had great fun and met new people, positive people.
My experience with the beginners classes I give it 10/10, you cannot jump straight into action, and the beginners classes are there to prepare you for that.
I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants to start CrossFit.







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