Q. What is involved in a normal session?

A. A CrossFit session is known as a WOD, Workout Of the Day. CrossFit is all about training for the unknown and the unknowable. Our workouts are varied from day to day. You can normally expect some kind of strength exercise, a skills exercise and a Met-Con part (metabolic conditioning). Or a combination of any of these.

Q. Will I lose weight/get in shape doing CrossFit?

A. At CrossFit Braintree we do not train for aesthetics, we train to get stronger, fitter, more powerful and for overall performance. That being said, everyone likes to look good, and losing weight, building muscle and getting in shape is a welcome side effect of doing CrossFit.

Q. I donʼt think I am fit enough?

A. All our workouts are scalable, which means they can be adapted to suit everyone’s fitness level and training experience. Everyone’s intensity level is different and although all fitness levels workout together and do the same routine everyone gets a great workout.

Q. I donʼt want to get big and bulky?

A. At CrossFit Braintree we train for performance, to pack on size like a bodybuilder is a completely different type of training all together. Getting strong and lifting heavy weights does not mean youʼll get big and bulky and this is certainly true for women.

Q. Compared to other gyms and fitness classes you seem quite expensive?

A. We feel our price is somewhere between most gyms in the area and on par if not cheaper than bootcamps and fitness classes, although you can not really compare us to any of these as we are completely different. In most gyms you get a small induction then are left to your own devices where most people wander around and go from machine to machine not really knowing what they are doing. Fitness classes and bootcamps are great, but due to the nature of this type of training they lack strength training. This is normally due to not having the right equipment on hand. At CrossFit Braintree what you get is, coached every time you take part in a class, you get encouraged, motivated and all your progress is recorded. Again this is why you cannot compare us to anything else that isnʼt CrossFit. With all that being said, we believe that all fitness models have their place and do a job. Itʼs about finding the right one that suits you.

Q. Is it all strength work, what about cardio?

A. It is not all strength work, although staying strong throughout your life will go a long way in fighting old age so we do do a lot of strength work. We also do a lot of cardio, although we do run in CrossFit we also do a lot of cardio in the box using metobolic conditioning workouts. Using the CrossFit method you will improve in the 10 key aspects of fitness: CARDIO-RESPIRATORY ENDURANCE, STAMINA, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, POWER, SPEED, CO-ORDINATION, ACCURACY, AGILITY and BALANCE.