Getting Started

If you have decided that you’d like to give CrossFit a go then this is how to go about it.

Step 1

Sign up for one of our free trial session. These are for people who have never done CrossFit before and would like to give it a go. All our free sessions are for people new to CrossFit so please don’t be worried about being put in a class with a seasoned CrossFitter. The sessions are fun and informative, you will be working out so wear appropriate clothes.

Please arrive 15 minutes early as you will need to fill out a wavier.

To book on one of our free sessions please email us at or call Gavin on 07970395424

Step 2

“We are now taking bookings for our next foundation course starting Tuesday the 17th of  January:

Once you have tried one of our free sessions and have decided you would like to become a CrossFitter, then book onto our next available Foundations course. You can book straight onto a foundations course without first doing a free trial.

Sign Up

Everyone has to go through the foundations course regardless of your exercise background. This is so we can ensure correct movement patterns in each individual.

In the foundations course you will learn the 9 fundamental exercises used in CrossFit. These are exercises deemed important to give your body the skills to tackle life’s physical demands. Depending on your progress at learning these movements you will also be taught additional exercises. Some of these movements take months if not years to perfect, so do not worry if you do not pick everything up straight away, you will not be the only one. Every time you workout at CrossFit Braintree you will have continuous coaching, you will improve your technique, learn new movements and your progress will be tracked and recorded.

For more info on our Foundation Course click the link below:

Foundation Course Info

Or click:

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Step 3

Once you have completed the foundations course you can join in the regular classes. This is where you will have on going coaching, learn new movements, become fitter, stronger, faster, more powerful, more agile and make great friends.

Everyone does the same workout, from the 23 year old rugby player to the 70 year old Grandma. We achieve this by scaling the workouts to each individuals ability and fitness level.

To view our regular class memberships click


Step 4

Get fit, have fun, make great friends!!!

If you are feeling worried about starting CrossFit and would like to have some Personal CrossFit Training to get your confidence up then please contact Gavin 0n 07970395424 and check out our Personal Training page: Here

If you are an experienced CrossFitter and have completed a foundations course at another box and can demonstrate competency then you can join in the regular classes.