Where Strength, Mobility and Flexibility meet.


Our Flowbility session are designed and programmed to build a strength, mobility and flexibility in all ranges of motion.

Using techniques found in Yoga, techniques used to help Mobility and body weight poses, these sessions will build strength in all positions.

Being strong is great, being mobile and flexible is fantastic but having the strength to hold end range positions can make all the difference, not only too your athletic performance but also to your longevity.

During the 45 minute session you will go through a number of poses and routines using just your body weight and various tools like foam rollers, massage ball and a host of other equipment may be used.

These sessions are suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. Everyone has a starting point and progression is made over time and consistency.

Our Flowbility sessions are from only £5 per session.

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Here is what some of the recent Flowbility attendees had to say about these sessions:

“Very enjoyable and a lot of fun. Helpful in teaching me techniques to use at home”

“Training the next day felt awesome”


“Very well thought out and great restorative poses”


“Really enjoyed it and looking forward to more sessions. Be great to see the pay off when training”


“The best way I can describe it is, when CrossFit meets Yoga”


“Flowbility did not disappoint”



To book onto one of our Flowbility sessions click: here

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